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You already understand that e-mail marketing is where the majority of your profits are going to originate. You create a small product and promote it for a good price so that you can collect e-mail addresses and then market other, more expensive products to the people on that list. The main approach here is that individuals on this list will most likely already trust you to offer something good and worthwhile and that means that they are going to be a lot more likely to purchase things from you in the future when you contact them. Of course, there are good ways and bad ways to go about e-mail marketing. 
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One of the primary things that you need to realize is that just because someone signs up for your list does not mean that they want to hear from you every single day. Even if what you send out is only content and is free of sales offers, getting e-mails from you every day is not what they want. It is far better to send out just one e-mail address that is packed with high quality and very usable content than it is to send out rushed articles and other poorly put together content offerings. It is the top quality not the amount that is important.

Make sure you present them with a lot more than something designed to earn you money. The more you offer to your clients for free, the more probable they’re going to be to buy anything that you want to sell to them. You already know that offering up no cost information and other useful stuff proves to the people on your list that you actually just want to help them and not just improve your bottom line. It is very tempting to place a minumum of one affiliate link into every single e-mail you send, but resist the urge. Stick together with exactly what you realize to be true!

Promote various other peoples offers. This does a pair of things for you. It proves to the recipients of your list that all you intend to do is guide them and build good will among the people you are sending mail to. It helps you create a relationship with someone else and potentially promote your own stuff to their lists. This can help you to create an even bigger audience and generate more profits.

If you aren’t supposed to send loads of e-mails, how precisely are you supposed to do all of this? Create your own newsletter. Have people sign up for your newsletter and then handle it as such. This will help you to do several things with your newsletter instead of trying to do the same amount of business over the course of several e-mails. Newsletters are also a lot less likely to be unsubscribed from over a list that simply sends out basic e-mail messages.

Think of it this way: if you would likely unsubcribe from you, then you certainly have to understand that other folks are going to unsubscribe from you. Do not ever mail out anything to anybody that you wouldn’t want to come across in your own e-mail box. If you keep this small bit of common sense in mind you will be able to make a huge profit through your e-mail marketing efforts.

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