James Douglas

Affiliate marketing is all about getting paid forselling products you don’t own and not getting in trouble for it.  Someone else goes through all of thetrouble to develop software programs, service, ordigital content products.  They’ll do all the workthen you collect the money!

Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing arrangementbetween the product developer, known as the affiliatemerchant, and the affiliate marketer who is anyonethat’s willing to promote the sale of product byadvertising the product using any type of legalmeans available.

The relationship will allow the affiliate merchantto grow their revenue by paying only for the advertising that results in a sale.  The affiliatemarketer will profit by making a percentage on a sale that he does not have to manage after thesale.

Getting paidGetting paid all depends upon how the affiliateprogram is set up.  Some merchants will run theirown affiliate program.  They’ll have special typesof software that assigns each affiliate marketera special link that’s used in promoting the product.The software will track sales of every marketerand the merchant will pay the commission on a periodic basis using either PayPal or another method of payment.

Selecting products or servicesYour income is directly tied to how well your selected product or service sells, and the size ofthe commission you earn, which makes it very important that you choose carefully when it comesto choosing the affiliate merchant you’ll bepartnering with.

Choose programs that you aren’t embarrassed to promote and programs that you’ll feel comfortablerecommending to your family and friends if they were to ask you about it.

You’ll do much better if you promote products that you fully understand and are already familiarwith.  This way, you’ll be able to write betterads without having to strain yourself coming upwith the right things to say.

You should only promote products and services forcompanies who have gone through the trouble to provide you with training programs and sales aidssuch as banners and other marketing materials thatyou can either use directly or model the one youown after.

Be on the lookout for programs with commissionrates no less than 30%.  You should give preferenceto programs that pay commission on multiple levels,which means you’ll also have to earn commissionson sales made by people who buy the products through your link then go on and become affiliatesthemselves later on.

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Affiliate marketing is all about getting paid forselling products you don’t own and not getting in trouble for it.  Someone else goes through all of thetrouble […]
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